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2018 was a great year for the Bopegan Farm riders! Our students worked very hard to get year end awards! Adelaide Wedholm and Storming Inti "Inti" ended the year Second in the Thoroughbred Hunters and First in the 2ft Derby! Kyla Sandy and My Sweet Sadie "Sadie" ended the year Fourth in the Children Hunters and Fifth in the 2'6" Derby! Kenny Montgomery and Minnie the Moocher ended the year Third in the Short Stirrup Hunters! Ivy Brenner and Minnie the Moocher ended Fourth in the Pre-Children Hunter ponies! Olivia Hilt ended the year Fourth in Leadline! Alex Ruh and Music Man "Toby" ended the year third in the Thoroughbred Hunters and Seventh in the 2ft Derby.The Gambler "Vinny" finished Fifth in the Baby Greens. Mapleside Cedric "Cedric" finished Seventh in the Baby Greens. Hollywood "Mack" finished Eight in the Low Schooling Hunters and Sixth in the 2ft Derby. Minnie the Moocher "Minnie" finished second in the 2ft Derby. Jacob finished fourth in the 2ft Derby. DJ Jazzy Jerry ended the year Sixth in the Low Schooling Hunters and Third in the 2ft Derby! Great job to all of our riders! We cannot wait for the 2019 show season to start!

Congratulations Kyla Sandy and My Sweet Sadie "Sadie" ending the year in 20th in the Children Hunters with only a couple shows! Cannot wait to see this pair in action this year! 

BOPEGAN Farm offers riders the opportunity to show from the local level, to the rated shows. 

We will be attending the AHS 2019 horse show series with our team of riders of all levels!

Horse Shows

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